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Changing your life begins with setting clear intentions, then walking, talking, and even running in that direction. Rachel broke up with her fancy corporate job after more than 20+ years in the Magazine industry, and tapped into her potential by building a 7 figure business from home, after divorce, over the age of 40, as a single mom of two boys. When her business was impacted by the global pandemic, the Rachel Unpacked Podcast began to gain traction, and this gave her the space to reflect on the success she had created with her small but mighty team, and the opportunity to unpack her true purpose. Today, Rachel is all in on helping women gain the courage and support they need to take those first steps towards entrepreneurship and have faith that they can build businesses they love while prioritizing the family they love even more. “My first successful business taught me that fulfillment is not about the money, but about discovering your true purpose and creating a lifestyle that allows you to show up in meaningful ways for your family, community, and for yourself. There’s simply nothing better than experiencing the life you’ve imagined, versus the one that is dealt to you. Money is nice, but once you tap into your purpose, you will soon realize that the money will pursue you, not the other way around.” - Rachel Medina Rachel Medina is an Entrepreneur, Podcast Host, Public Speaker, and Mentor by the Moment

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Whether you want to learn from Rachel and have her mentor you along your business building journey...

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