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Changing your life begins with setting clear intentions, then walking, talking, and even running in that direction. For Rachel, that meant breaking up with her corporate job as a magazine executive and getting honest about what truly fills her spirit!


Today, Rachel is all-in on helping women gain the courage and support they need to take those first steps towards entrepreneurship and have faith that they can build businesses they enjoy while prioritizing the family they love.


“Whether I’m on stage speaking to thousands of women seeking inspiration, or speaking to a room (or zoom) full of SHE.E.O’s ready to unlock their purpose, passions, and profits - there’s no doubt in my mind that helping others learn from my 25+ years of business experience and avoid my mistakes, is what I was meant to do in life.


And being a Latina over the age 40 who’s shifted her focus from chasing an income to making an impact, proves you can change the trajectory of your life - at any age... Let’s Go!!” - Rachel Medina


Rachel Medina is an Omni-passionate business builder, TEDx Speaker, Podcast Host, and Entrepreneurship Coach

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the she e o community platform for women building businesses resources courses education and support

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Entrepreneur | TEDx Speaker | Podcast Host | Believer

Helping Women Unpack Their Inner SHEEO


Whether you want to learn from Rachel and have her mentor you along your business building journey...

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