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Rachel Medina | Keynote Speaker 

Entrepreneur | Podcast Host | TEDx Speaker | & Believer 

Rachel Medina is the C.E.O of RM101 Media Group, a multimedia company based in Southern California, delivering female centric content through newsletters, webinars, podcasts, and an online membership platform called SHE.E.O, that supports women building businesses from home. Rachel is also the host of the Rachel Unpacked podcast, ranked top 5 in the U.S. by FeedSpot, helping women unpack their passion, purpose, and profits while building businesses and a lifestyle they love! Rachel believes that with strong coffee, strong WiFi, and strong faith, all things are possible when you dare to design the life you’ve always dreamed of! 


As a woman who broke up with her 8 to 5 corporate career in the magazine industry, and tapped in to the SHEconomy in a big way by launching businesses from home, as a single mom, over the age of 40; Rachel is setting out to show people everywhere, and from all starting points - what's possible for their own lives!

Keynote Topics:

> Unpack Your Inner SHE.E.O 

> Homebased Business - Launch & Scale

> Christianpreneurship - Making God Your Business Partner 

> Find Your Purpose & Tap Into Your Potential

> Meaningful Leadership To Shift Your Team Culture

> Building Your Personal Brand 

> Sales solve everything

> Unpack Your Purpose, Passion, Potential, & Profits

> How to go from ordinary to extraordinary




Fee begins at $15k and may increase based on location, duration, and other factors unique to your event. 

> Travel Riders Accepted 

> 1/3rd Deposit Required to Book

> Additional Details Negotiable at Time of Booking

If you are a non-profit that supports women and initiatives that align with Rachel's core value arcs, be sure to indicated that in your inquiry. 

NOTE: The above information is not applicable to podcasts. Use podcast inquiry form to book Rachel for your show

Thank you for considering Rachel Medina to speak at your upcoming event. 

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