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Debt Free Worksheet

Inspired by the Gordon Ramsey Snowball strategy, but with a she,eoo,ooo twist! This worksheet is your budget-bestie on your journey to becoming debt free!

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Manifesting In Faith


7+ Faith guided manifestation techniques that help you gain clarity over what you truly desire, while harnessing the power of faith.

Micro Days


With this daily planner worksheet, you will reduce burnout and increase productivity, one micro day at a time!

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Winning Resume Templates

If you're wanting to stand out in the crowd when applying for your next career move, these 3 winning resume templates will help get you there!



The SHE,E00,000 brand is a girl-gang community of 6, 7, and 8 figure female earners... many of which have tapped into the work from home hustle! That is why we have created a she,eoo,ooo merch collection that is cozy yet inspiring. 

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